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I created Simple Mixes a few years ago with the goal of providing healthy, natural, simple to make at home, great tasting snacks and desserts that are simply scrumptious to enjoy with family and friends.

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We have a wide selection of gelatin mixes. Each flavor uses simple ingredients and natural food coloring,
making each one delicious and safe for the whole family to enjoy!


$19.98 $46.00


$19.98 $46.00


$19.98 $46.00

Our Promise to You…

Simple Mixes was setup with the simple goal of delivering natural, high quality, gelatin mixes that are safe and convenient for the whole family to enjoy. We want to ensure that everyone has access to a nutritional alternative that has natural colors and a short ingredient list.

Healthy, Delicious Recipes


From quick meals to gourmet delights, find your perfect recipe here.

Chocolate Recipes

Experience the rich, decadent flavors of chocolate in our irresistible recipes.

Vanilla Recipes

Discover the Timeless Elegance of Vanilla in Our Recipes

Butterscotch Recipes

Embrace the Rich, Buttery Sweetness of Butterscotch in Our Recipes

Orange Recipes

Explore the Vibrant World of Orange-infused Recipes

Strawberry Recipes

Savor the Sweetness of Summer with Our Strawberry-infused Recipes

Lime Recipes

Add a Zing to Your Meals with Our Refreshing Lime Recipes

Some Questions

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Substitute your favorite gelatin and pudding recipes with Simple Mixes.

We use a Kosher certified bovine gelatin

All simple mixes products are made with gluten free ingredients

Simple mixes are made with natural colors, flavors and natural clean label ingredients

Simple mixes gummy mix was recently introduced. Simple mixes gummy mix allow you to make natural gummies at home. Customize with any inclusions.

We manufacture all our products in USA.

All ingredients are allergen free. We are manufactured in a facility that also processes other products with allergens but the machinery is thoroughly cleaned and tested to be allergen free prior to production.

We have introduced a new packaging format which uses 75% less packaging. We also have reduced our case packaging for our multiple packs  on amazon.

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