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Our Story

I created Simple Mixes a few years ago with the goal of providing healthy, natural, simple to make at home, great tasting snacks and desserts that are simply scrumptious to enjoy with family and friends. With my background in the food industry and a doctorate degree in food science, I personally created the products with a passion to deliver on a premium taste experience while using only minimal ingredients that are clean label, natural and better alternative to the leading brands.

All Simple Mixes desserts are created with colors from natural sources that are safe and your whole family can enjoy.

Our products include gelatin mixes , pudding mixes and gummy mixes and we hope to continue to add more products.

I hope you create great memories with your friends and family while enjoying our delicious Simple Mixes products as much as I enjoyed creating them for you and share your delicious recipes and photos with us.

We would love to hear from you.

Dr. M.Nair , Ph.D

Our Promise to You…

Simple Mixes was setup with the simple goal of delivering natural, high quality, gelatin mixes that are safe and convenient for the whole family to enjoy. We want to ensure that everyone has access to a nutritional alternative that has natural colors and a short ingredient list.

Our Reviews

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