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12 Ways to Prevent Wasted Food

  1. Raw nuts and flours should be kept in the refrigerator to last longer without going rancid.

  2. Line your refrigerator’s crisper drawer with paper towels to absorb excess moisture. They’ll absorb excess moisture which will help keep produce longer.

  3. To repel bugs, place a bay leaf in containers of rice, flour and pastas.

  4. Buy and keep bananas separated from one another, they spoil slower.

  5. Turn almond butter, yogurt, sour cream, tahini and cottage cheese containers upside down when stored in the fridge – this creates a vacuum seal, keeping them fresh longer

  6. Repurpose vegetable pulp from juicing to add fiber to soups, smoothies or make crackers or bread.

  7. Placed limp celery, baby carrots and radishes in water with a slice of potato to make them crunchy again.

  8. Keep all organic citrus fruits in the fridge – they will last up to 1-2 weeks longer.

  9. Do not wash organic dark leafy greens or berries until they are ready to consume.

  10. Store herbs, spring onions, asparagus upright in a large glass filled with an inch of water

  11. Learn tips and recipes on how to use over the edge food. For examples, panzanella with stale bread, and banana bread with overripe bananas.

  12. Choose to eat less, use a smaller plate to help you control the amount of food you might eat or end up wasting.