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8 Tricks to Help You Slim Down for Summer

Set the right tone. Studies have found that people who dim the lights and eat in a relaxed environment tend to consumer fewer calories.

Trick your eyes. Try eating from smaller plates and bowls to help you control portions sizes.

Turn of the tube. Avoid eating in front of the television or computer. You’re more likely to consumer more calories when distracted.

Safely snack. Have an apple or a handful of almonds between meals to help reduce the total number of calories consumed during your meals.

Pack it up. Bring a lunch to work each day to avoid the temptation (and cost) of eating out.

Put protein first. When deciding what to eat, whether at the store, restaurant, or vending machine, be sure to reach for foods high in protein.

Eat when you’re hungry. Sounds like a simple one, but many people tend to think ignoring hunger pains equals results, but if your body is craving energy you should definitely listen to it.

Don’t feel obligated to eat. There’s no law saying you have to eat lunch at noon. If you’re not hungry, don’t eat. You’re body will be quick to tell you when it needs nourishment.